Saturday, February 11, 2012

C-Graphics Programming Series Introduction

Hello Readers..
'N'Cooltips introduces a new series which covers Graphics programming in C. This series covers various topics of C-Graphics starting from Basics to Advanced. Soon we present interesting C-Graphics programs in this series. The image in this post is a sample Graphics output generated by C program in Windows. I hope really you enjoy reading this series.

To understand and to get depth of the programs, We except Reader should know the Basics of C program. Since Graphics is a such a topic, It requires basic mathematics to draw objects (rectangle,circle, etc). But as we go more in detail to generate animations, writing simple Games - expectations from the user may vary. This requires some advanced mathematics concepts like Curve tracing, x-Y plane, Tita plane , Co-ordinate system ( cartesian and Polar). As said, though it is complex, we will try to present complete program in readable manner so that you really no need to worry about the internals. But having these knowledge really adds value to explore more programs yourself. Lets not make the introduction complex - DOT.

Visit the C-Graphics page for examples. Or click here

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