Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Setup Turbo C++ Lab for testing

Hello there,
Lets start the C Graphics series with setting up your Turbo C++ lab for testing the programs. Turbo c++ compiler is a widely used compiler before the current fancy GUI compilers. It is not longer used to develop large applications. However for c programming language practice purpose, it is still being used in engineering class labs and personal computers. Our focus is to provide program and technique which can be used in another fancy compilers as well.

all you require is

1. Windows Operating System xp/vista/7
2. Turbo C++ Emulator
as said, turboc ++ is no longer being used for developing applications in 64bit. Since  graphics programs using turbo c++ which may not work on modern windows operating systems, we need an alternate. That is turboc++ emulator developed. download and installTurbo C++ emulator from this location.

Download Turbo++ Emulator 2.0

3. Turbo C++
Download and install Turbo C++ compiler from this link.

Download Turbo C++ 3.0 Compilter

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