Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simple two person chat by hacking pseudo terminals in Linux

Hello Linux users,
have you ever tried to communicate with colleague without using gtalk,lotusnotes, yahoo messenger,communicator or any other fancy chats. ?
Have you ever tried to communicate through putty ?
For a while assume that you are working in a environment where all fancy chats are disabled and no official communicator. what did you do?  well, if you have answer its good. otherwise here is a hack for linux users.

All you need is you and your friend need access to the same linux machine. I think it is quite natural in work place.lets see how you can chat with your friend using this hack.

Yes it is possible see a two person chat by hacking the pseudo terminals. The steps are shown below.

1. Check how many users are logged into the machine.

2. Identify user1 (your) pseudo terminal. Run the 'who am i' command.

3. Assume that user2 (your friend) using terminal pts/3

4. User1 need to run the following command. where pts/3 is user2's pseudo terminal.
cat > /dev/pts/3

5.user2 need to run command , where pts/0 is user1's pseudo terminal.
cat > /dev/pts/0

The window looks like this

6. Now each user can start typing in his window. Lets start wit user1. User1 typed "hello" in his window.

7. Once after pressing enter, the message will be appeared in partner's (user2) window.

8. Similarly User2 can type message and press enter. That message will be appeared in user1's window.

It will serve your purpose to chat with your friend in work place where chat application usage is limited.

Please do not use this trick for other purpose.It will cause inconvenience to the terminal owner.

Check other tip on pseudo terminal hack. 
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