Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Incognito window - Google chrome

In normal browsing, browsers store some files,cookies,history and form data in temp directory. If it is on personal computer then it is okay but think of a computer which is not owned by you. May be Internet cafe. It is unsecured to access your bank account or mail inbox in public computer. One way to get rid of this cookies,temporary files getting stored in computer is to Browse in "Private Browsing" mode. In Google Chrome it is called "Incognito Window". Read Private Browsing in Internet Explorer.
Using this option, whatever you browse, history, files, form data all will be removed once you close the window.

To Start private browsing or Incognito window in Google chrome,
1. Select "New incognito window".

2. Once after selecting , it will open new widow - which looks like

Once you close the window, all will be erased.

Happy private Browsing. !!

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