Sunday, January 6, 2013

nullpointer - A Linux emulator

Trouble in installing Linux ?
facing problem with performance ? disk space ?
If you are looking for a Linux machine for practice purpose, Here is a solution. is a browser based Linux scratch pad. It is your own tiny Linux throw-away Linux Virtual Machine, Refresh and everything is gone. You can use it as a development scratchpad, a learning environment or just as a toy.
Instructions are clearly documented in welcome screen and it is shown below.

This VM comes with a set of default tools.
* gcc
* vi
* lua
* binutils
* busybox

All data in /var/root/persistent will be saved in your browser. Nothing will be transferred to our servers.

Make sure you always shutdown safely, like a real computer, to avoid data loss i n the /var/root/persistent folder.
You can use 'halt', 'poweroff' and 'reboot' for that.

1. open in your browser
The following startup screen appears.

2. Ready screen with prompt.

There are few FAQ's , you can find at

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