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Curve tracing programs - Draw sin(x) curve using Graphics programming in C

Learn how to draw curve tracing graphics programs in c language

Graphics programming in C

Learn how to write basic and advanced graphics programming in c language

Curve tracing programs - Draw Cos(x) curve using Graphics programming in C

Learn how to draw curve tracing graphics programs in c language

Make file tutorial

A step by step guide to learn how to write make file in Linux with examples

Monday, April 29, 2013

N Queens Puzzle Using C Graphics

N Queens puzzle is one of the most popular interview questions. The problem is to place N queens in NxN chessboard so that no queen should attack the other queen. This can be solved using backtracking technique. The logic is , Place one queen in each row, and proceed placing the next row queen and so on. If it is found that there is no place in the current row to place the queen the revisit the already placed queens, adjust their position and proceed to the same row. Repeat the same, until you place the queen in the last row. If the queen is successfully placed in the last row, it means that we arrived to a solution. There may be such multiple solutions. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bouncing Balls Program Using C Graphics

Drawing curves, animated programs in C Graphics is fun. This article shows a demo of "Bouncing Balls" Program using C Graphics. I have also provided the source code. The logic here is to draw a circle at given (x,y) point. For each step increase X and Y position. Do this in a loop it looks like a moving ball. To make the ball bounce when the ball crosses or hits any of the boundary of the screen, then add logic to reverse the direction. If ball hits right or left boundary reverse the direction of X step. If the ball crosses the bottom or top, then reverse the direction of Y. This program has two important macros using which the number of balls and speed of the animation can be controlled.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Enable or Disable Gmail,Gtalk desktop notifications

Gmail/Gtalk desktop notification is a very useful feature to see the latest arrived message. But sometimes it may require that to disable this notification to maintain privacy. Lets see how to Enable or Disable Gmail, Gtalk desktop notifications.
Disable Gtalk notifications

Monday, April 8, 2013

Most useful Linux basic commands for beginners

Beginners must know the following most useful commands to start working on Linux. The basic linux commands can be categorized as file and Directory manipulation commands, Managing file permissions, File system commands, Find files and search strings commands, Manage users commands. Let us start this series with most basic file and directory manipulation commands with examples.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Curve Tracing - Drawing Cos(x) graph

Using Mathematics, draw pixel at x,y by calculating y for corresponding x. Any equation can be shown as a graph using c graphics. The current program shows how to draw cos(x) curve using c graphics program on dosbox ( A dos emulator). For cos(x) read "draw sin(x) graph" article. By introducing some delay between drawing pixel, pixel moving animation can be shown. I will be posting more such graphics programs, keep visiting this site and encourage us by liking our page at facebook.